Have You Never Thought Of Cars?

Have You Never Thought Of Cars?


Sunrise Community address Health awarded 2021 Outstanding Migrant Health Center Award By Tamara Markard | tmarkard@greeleytribune.com | Greeley Tribune The National Association of Community Health Centers recognized Sunrise Community Health with the 2021 Outstanding Migrant Health Center Award. The health center was selected for the award from among 1,400 fellow community and migrant health centers, operating through nearly 13,000 service delivery sites across the U.S.  The centers serve 1 million migrant and seasonal agricultural workers and about 30 million people nationwide. “We are proud of our Sunrise Cesar Chavez Outreach Program,” Sunrise CEO Mitzi Moran said in a news release. “We are inspired by the people we serve and the millions of farmworkers across the U.S.” The people the outreach program serves are the ones that “toil countless hours in unrelenting conditions such as heat, wind, rain, hail and even sometimes snow … Those who do the back-breaking agricultural work to provide for us all,” the release stated. For almost 50 years, the Sunrise Outreach Team has traveled around northern Colorado to deliver migrant health care directly to farms, labor camps and other agricultural employers. “They serve with grace and compassion, honoring and celebrating our patients, with dogged determinedness and little fanfare and they never hesitate to say, ‘What’s needed? We can do that,’” Moran explained. Sunrise Community Health was recognized as the 2021 Outstanding Migrant Health Center Award from the National Association of Community Health Centers. (Photo courtesy Sunrise Community Health) Outreach Team members Daniel Hernandez and Velen Gomez accepted the award alongside Moran at the 2021 Virtual Conference for Agricultural Worker Health. The program began in 1973 when a group of community members and doctors were concerned about the health of migrant farmworkers. Wanting to provide services to the migrant farmworkers, the group opened a small clinic in a storefront in east Greeley. Since its inception, the clinic has served tens of thousands of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in northern Colorado with the help of numerous community partners who share the clinic’s vision for migrant health care. Sunrise was selected for the award from among the nearly 1,400 Community and Migrant Health Centers. (Photo courtesy Sunrise Community Health) President John F. Kennedy signed the Migrant Health Program into law in 1962. Migrant Health Care Centers receive funding under Section 330(g) of the Public Health Service Act to provide culturally competent and comprehensive primary and preventative healthcare to migratory and seasonal farmworkers and their families. “It is an honor and privilege to support the health of migrant and seasonal farmworkers — and it is an honor and privilege to be recognized for this service,” the health center stated in the release. Sunrise was selected for the award from among the nearly 1,400 Community and Migrant Health Centers.


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After July 1, the billions of dollars will still be in the fund. But the insurance industry-run MCCA will have to pay certain post-acute providers only 55 percent of their average charges from Jan. 1, 2019 — if those providers are actually still in business. "That's what the MCCA was — a warranty. And now they don't even want to honor it," said Paul Semian, owner of Progressions LLC, the operator of five group homes for motorists with brain and spinal cord injuries. Because Semian's group home rehab isn't covered by Medicare, its $425-per-day residential care services falls under the 55 percent rate cap. He's planning to shutter his five group homes that house 52 clients and lay off 180 employees in Oakland and Macomb counties. "There's so many ways to fix this without blowing it up," Semian said. Blowing up Michigan's unique auto insurance scheme is just what lawmakers set out to do in an effort to get more drivers paying for insurance and to rein in the fastest growing portion of insurance premiums , Personal Injury Protection or PIP. From the personal injury attorneys to the fly-by-night MRI clinics, there were some bad actors in the system that became easy targets for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and other politicians to blame for Michigan's astronomically high car insurance rates. Before the new law took effect in July 2020, every Michigan motorist was required to purchase an auto insurance policy that included lifetime medical coverage for their injuries. These were head-to-toe lifetime warranties, paying for intense rehabilitation and round-the-clock in-home care that regular commercial health insurance and Medicare don't pay for. The Republican-authored law effectively ended the warranty by capping payments to certain medical providers whose services don't have a Medicare billing code at 55 percent of what they were charging in January 2019. Other providers, such as hospitals, got their charges capped at 200 percent of Medicare under the new law. Most of the medical providers who built up a business around the no-fault auto insurance system say they will close their doors July 1 when payments get slashed by 45 percent. Lawmakers and Whitmer, who signed the legislation, are no longer honoring the warranty people purchased under the assumption that if they were ever hurt, they would get a certain level of care regarded as second-to-none in the country.

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